Who are we?

SuperYachtCloud is a product created by the Dutch IT company Intermac, which specialises in IT solutions for the superyacht industry. The application is based on our extensive experience and countless observations and discussions with crews about data and information management.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure the documentation relevant to a yacht is well ordered and easily accessible from the first sketch until her last day at sea. We believe that good and easy-to-use documentation leads to happier, more efficient crews, and, therefore, happier owners.

During our discussions with various crew members, we were often told that job handovers are sometimes only given a day. It seems (and usually is) impossible for a new crew member to master the full complexity of a yacht, the guests and the owners in only one day. This is why we developed SuperYachtCloud, which allows crew members to search, read or edit all the available information about their yacht. It makes the integration of a new crew member much easier and smoother, and makes life simpler for the crew, the guests and the owners alike.

Documentation is discipline, so how can we make sure the crew enter all this information during a hectic day?

Every yacht professional knows that documenting is a required skill and a necessity to protect the owners’ investment.

Once they get their mind around the concept, the crew will quickly realise that saving extra minutes a day will result in a much better working environment.