What is it?

SuperYachtCloud CrewTime is a solution to keep track of crew working and resting hours. Using special hardware and software, crew hours are easily logged with a minimum effort of the crew. By simply holding their badge at designated stations, data is recorded.

Captains can easily keep track of the crew hours using a dashboard within a webrowser.

In case of emergency, the hardware can be taken to mustard station to record guests and crew. Data is synchronised to SuperYachtCloud Servers onshore. Simple, Safe and reliable.

Ideally the system consists of a minimum of 2 devices, one located near the crew entrance, one in the crew mess. Whenever a crew member scans his/her badge the status is changed. 

If RFID is not wanted, then a crew member can change their status on the screen by entering their personal pin-code. 

If they do this at the crew entrance terminal, the onboard / offboard status is changed. If they do this at the crew mess terminal then their on and off duty is changing. This simple procedure will display and record the following status;

  • Crew member onboard and on duty
  • Crew member onboard and off duty
  • Crew member not onboard, but on duty
  • Crew member not onboard, off duty

The captain of designated crew member can access the reports using a webbrowser and save and e-mail the reports as PDF. There is also a automatic reporting option, sending the report to designated crew staff by e-mail automatically. 

Visitor Board

Visitor board

Visitor registration can also be done usingCrewTime, the ideal solution for subcontracters, dayworkers or any other visitor. 

Crew member can create a new visitor registration from the devices, the following information can be recorded;

  • Badge ID
  • Visitor name
  • Company
  • Reason visit
  • Working area
  • Working deck
  • Supervisor
  • Signed in date / time
  • Signed out date / time
  • Picture
  • Rule for working onboard
  • Signature

Signing out can be done at the entrance station, recording the date and time. 

Reports can be accessed by designated crew members to overview visiting date and working hours, ideaal for invoice checking

VIP board

VIP’s can be recorded on the same terminals, however the VIP board is pincode protected,
so no visitor or crew member can check the status, only designated crew members can. 

VIP registration is mainly maintained for emergency situations

Emergency situations

In case of emergency CrewTime terminal can be easily removed and be used a digital muster checklist. When entering the emergency dashboard all crew, visitors and VIP’s onboard are listed and can be checked off by simply the bush of a button. If needed a recheck can be recorded as well on the device. 

The emergency status will also be synchronised to our cloud server for record keeping, as long the terminal has internet connection.

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